We're on a mission to cultivate a virtual world built by players: an online place where people can have a meaningful role in something bigger than themselves, own and share the products of their ingenuity, and foster a sense of belonging for others.
We're building a game that...
✨ is a fulfilling hobby players can pursue for 10,000 hours
🌎 allows players to make long-lasting impact in a shared world
💡 deeply satisfies players’ cravings to achieve mastery
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Our Company Values
What we believe in
▶ Invest in long-term productivity: wellness, mental health, and intrinsic motivation
▶ Ownership culture: get autonomy and decision-making power, but also accountability
▶ Bottom-up decision-making around a shared vision. Strong opinions, weakly held
How we think
▶ Start from player psychology
▶ Expect to try and try again
▶ Engage in continuous self-reflection
▶ Be inspired by analogy, make decisions from first principles
How we work together
▶ Be eager to ask for and share context
▶ Address tension 1:1 right away
▶ Make it about ideas, not people
▶ Give feedback as observation, effect, recommendation
▶ Writing > talking
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